Apache HTTP server is the most popular web server by Apache foundation opensource community.

Apache Web Server (HTTP Server) was launched in 1995 and it become more famoused web server on Internet in April, 1996. Currently it powered 46% of websites on Internet, so around 50% or websites are running on Apache web server.

When we using web application, out first priority to host the application on Apache web server or http server as it has big community and there are lots of documentation available on internet to manage server.

In this tutorial of Apache web server we will discuse all possibilities and available configuration for HTTP server and learn to use Apache server for any type of website and web application.

Apache HTTP Server Tutorial

This Apache HTTP web server tutorial is designed for beginners, system admins. This guide will help to beginner, engineering students for exam or interview preparation.

Learn Apache webserver with this complete Apache HTTP web server tutorial, where we explain everything about Apache web server in steps.

This Apache tutorial will help you to understand every configuration files and purpose to configure parameters in configuration files.

Apache Web Server Tutorial for

Collage Students
System Admin
Web Hosting Professionals

In this Apache tutorial, we try to cover every possibility with Apache web server in respect of configuration on inbuilt for the website hosting server.

Here, we list the content for this Apache Tutorial.

Apache HTTP Tutorial Objectives:

Session 01: Introduction

Session 02: Basic Configuration

Session 03: Virtual Hosts

Session 04: Modules

Apache HTTP Tutorial Detailed Syllabus:

Session 01: Introduction

Session 02: Basic Configuration

Configuration files

apach2.conf file

conf-available directory

conf-enabled directory

envvars file

magic file

mods-available directory

mods-enabled directory

ports.conf file

site-available directory

site-enabled directory

Session 03: Virtual Hosts

Default virtual host

Create new virtual host

Configure SSL

Log files -access.log and error.log

Session 04: Modules

Configure Apache as a forward proxy

Configure Apache as a reverse proxy

Display server statistics

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