Linux MCQ-08: Administering the System

The assessment test is an excellent way to test yourself before starting to study. It gives you an idea of where you should start and why.

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In an assessment test, test your current skills from beginning to advance lever for any subject or topic to check “what do you know and from where you should start learning?”

Here I have put some basic questions for Linux assessment, so you can test your Linux skill and choose right path for Linux Learning.


1.    Which of the following are legal Linux usernames? [Select all that apply.]

  1. larrythemoose
  2. 4satish
  3. PamJones
  4. Samuel_Bernard_Delaney_the_Fourth

2.    What does the following command and its output reveal about the computer

          $ ls –l /etc/localtime

         Lrwxrwxrwx   1  root  root   10 Sep  15   12:05   /etc/localtime  ->  /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern

  1. The time zone is misconfigured; there is no /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern time zone file
  2. The computer’s security could easily be breached; this file should not have rwxrwxrwx permissions.
  3. The computer is configured to use the U.S. Eastern time zone as the local time.
  4. The current time in the U.S. Eastern time zone is 14.24 (2.24 PM).

3.    Why are groups important to the Linux user administration and security models?

  1. They can be used to provide a set of users with access to files without giving all users access to the files.
  2. They allow you to set a single login password for all users within a defined group.
  3. Users may assign file ownership to a group, thereby hiding their own creation of the file.
  4. By deleting a group, you can quickly remove the accounts for all users in the group.

4.    You’ve set your system (software) clock on a Linux-only computer to the correct time, and now you want to set the hardware clock to match. What command might you type to accomplish this goal?

  1. date –sethwclock
  2. ntpdate
  3. hwclock –utc –systohc
  4. time –set –hw

5.    An administrator types change –M 7 time. What is the effect of this command?

  1. The time account’s password must be changed at least once every seven days.
  2. All users must change their password at least once every seven days.
  3. All users are permitted to change their passwords at most seven times.
  4. The time account’s age is set to seven months.

6.    You’ve configured one computer on your five-computer network,, as an NTP server that obtains its time signal from What computer(s) should your network’s other computers use as their time source(s)?

  1. You should consult a public NTP server list to locate the best server for you.
  2. Both and
  3. Only
  4. Only

7.   What is wrong with the following /etc/passwd file entry? [Select all that apply.

               4satish:x:529:Satish Kumar:/home/satish:/bin/passwd

  1. The default shell is set to /bin/passwd, which is an invalid shell.
  2. The username is invalid; Linux usernames can’t begin with a number.
  3. The home directory doesn’t match the username.
  4. Either the UID or the GID field is missing.

8.    Which of the following tasks is likely to be handled by a cron job? [Select all that apply.]

  1. Starting an important server when the computer boots
  2. Finding and deleting old temporary files.
  3. Scripting supervised account creation
  4. Monitoring the status of servers and e-mailing a report to the superuser.

9.    You want satish, aakash and raj to be member of the group managers (GID 501). How would you edit the managers entry in /etc/group to accomplish this goal?

  1. managers:501:satish aakash raj
  2. managers:501:satish:aakash:raj
  3. managers:x:501:satish:aakash:raj
  4. managers:x:501:raj,satish,aakash

10.    Which of the following lines, if used in a user cron job, will run /usr/local/bin/cleanup twice a day?

  1. 15  7,19  *  *  * tbaker   /usr/local/bin/cleanup
  2. 15  7,19  *  *  * /usr/local/bin/cleanup
  3. 15  */2  *  *  *  tbaker  /usr/local/bin/cleanup
  4. 15  */2  *  *  *  /usr/local/bin/cleanup

11.    What types of files might be reasonable files to include in /etc/skel? [Select all that apply.]

  1. A copy of the /etc/shadow file
  2. An empty set of directories to encourage good file management practices
  3. A README or similar welcome file for new users
  4. A starting .bashrc file

12.    You’re installing Linux on a laptop computer. Which of the following programs might you want to add to ensure that log rotation is handled correctly?

  1. tempus
  2. anacron
  3. crontab
  4. ntpd

13.    Which of the following system logging codes represents the highest priority?

  1. emerg
  2. warning
  3. crit
  4. debug

14.    What do the following commands accomplish? [The administrator presses Ctrl+D after typing the second command.]

                # at teatime

                 at > /usr/local/bin/system-maintenance

  1. Nothing: these commands aren’t valid.
  2. Nothing; teatime isn’t a valid option to at.
  3. Nothing; you may only type valid bash built-in commands at the at > prompt.
  4. The /usr/local/bin/system-maintenance program or script is run at 4:00 PM.

15.    Which of the following configuration files does the logrotate program consult for its setting?

  1. /etc/logrotate.conf
  2. /usr/sbin/logrotate/logrotate.conf
  3. /usr/src/logrotate/logrotate.conf
  4. /etc/logrotate/.conf

16.    Which of the following commands are commonly used to back up Linux systems? [Select all that apply.]

  1. restore
  2. tar
  3. tape
  4. cpio

17.    Your manager has asked that you configure logrotate to run on a regular, unattended basis. What utility/feature should you configure to make this possible?

  1. at
  2. logrotate.d
  3. cron
  4. inittab

18.    You need to restore some files that were accidentally deleted. Which of the following commands can be used to list the contents of an archive stored on a SCSI tape prior to actually restoring the files?

  1. tar uvf  /dev/st0
  2. tar cvf  /dev/st0
  3. tar xvf  /dev/st0
  4. tar tvf  /dev/st0

19.    You’re configuring a Linux system that does not boot any other OS. What is the recommended time to which the computer’s hardware clock should be set?

  1. Helsinki time
  2. Local time
  3. US Pacific time
  4. UTC

20.    You arrive at work on Monday morning to find that the server has crashed. All indications point to the crash as occurring after midnight on Monday morning. Scripts automatically do a full backup of the server every Friday night and an incremental backup all other nights. Which tapes do you need to restore the data on a new server? [Select all that apply.]

  1. Thursday’s tape
  2. Friday’s tape
  3. Saturday’s tape
  4. Sunday’s tape


1.   a, c

2.   a

3.   d

4.   a

5.   c

6.   c

7.   d

8.   b

9.   d

10.   d

11.   a

12.   b, d

13.   b, c, d

14.   a

15.   d

16.   c

17.   b, d

18.   b

19.   b, d

20.   b, c, d


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