About LinuxConcept

LinuxConcept is a website created in 2019 that regularly publishes articles about Linux Operating Systems (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, etc.), Open source, System Administration and Engineering, and general technical news.

The goal of linuxconcept is to provide comprehensive guides & tutorials for people willing to learn and overcome technological challenges in a playful and dediactive way.

Our mission is to provide free educational resources for the technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow.

By following linuxconcept, you will learn more about :

  • News or releases related to the open source world.
  • Linux best practices.
  • Step-by-step guides on how to install open source tools or use them.
  • Articles related to useing different Linux flovour Operation Systems.
  • Tutorials related to system administration and Engineering.
  • Modern monitoring solutions such as Zabbix, Nagios.
  • In-depth resources about cloud computing.
  • Interviews of experts that provide insights on industry trends.