Collectd Tutorial


Section 01: Installation & Configuration

Section 02: System Monitoring

Section 03: Web Server Monitoring

Section 04: Network Monitoring

Section 05: Database Monitoring

Section 06: Mails Monitoring

Section 07: Cache Memory Monitoring

Detailed Syllabus:

Section 01: Installation & Configuration

Built-in HTTP server
Built-in HTTP server with access authentication
Enable or disable graphs
Log files pathnames

Section 02: System Monitoring

Global kernel usage
System load average and usage
Disk drive temperatures and health
Filesystem usage and I/O activity
Directory usage statistics
Process statistics
System services demand
Users using the system
Chrony statistics
Fail2ban statistics

Section 03: Web Server Monitoring

Apache statistics
Nginx statistics
Lighttpd statistics
PageSpeed Module statistics

Section 04: Network Monitoring

Network traffic and usage
Netstat statistics
Traffic Control statistics
Network port traffic
FTP statistics
Squid Proxy Web Cache
NFS server statistics
NFS client statistics
ZFS statistics
BIND statistics
NTP statistics
Monitoring the Internet traffic of your LAN
Monthly reports of Internet traffic
Monitoring remote servers

Section 05: Database Monitoring

MySQL statistics
MongoDB statistics
PostgreSQL Statistics
Oracle Statistics

Section 06: Mails Monitoring

Mail statistics
Automatic email reports

Section 07: Cache Memory Monitoring

Varnish cache statistics
Alternative PHP Cache statistics
Memcached statistics


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