tac—Concatenate and print files in reverse

tac [-br] [-s separator] [–before] [–regex] [–separator=separator] [–help] [–version] [file…]

This manual page documents the GNU version of tac. tac copies each given file, or the standard input if none are given or when a filename of – is encountered, to the standard output with the order of the records reversed. The records are separated by instances of a string, or a newline if none is given. By default, the separator string is attached to the end of the record that it follows in the file.


Options Description
-b, –before The separator is attached to the beginning of the record that it precedes in the file.
-r, –regex The separator is a regular expression.
-s string, –separator=string Use string as the record separator.
–help Print a usage message and exit with a non-zero status.
–version Print version information on standard output, then exit.

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