killall—Kill processes by name

killall [–iv][–signal] name …
killall [–l]

killall sends a signal to all processes running any of the specified commands. If no signal name is specified, SIGTERM is sent. Signals can be specified either by name (for example, –HUP) or by number (for example, –1). Signal 0 (check if a process exists) can only be specified by number.

If the command name contains a slash (/), processes executing that particular file will be selected for killing, independent of their name.

killall returns a nonzero return code if no process has been killed for any of the listed commands. If at least one process has been killed for each command, killall returns zero.

A killall process never kills itself (but may kill other killall processes).


Options Description
–i Interactively ask for confirmation of killing.
–l List all known signal names.
–v Report if the signal was successfully sent.

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