LinuxConcept - Publishing Policy

We’d like to draw your attention to something that might not be obvious to most and that has been the foundation of Linux Concept for over a decade now.

We don’t publish articles arbitrarily. Every article published on Linux Concept has to fulfill certain criteria: quality of content is important to us, and our job is to advocate for and protect the interests of our readers and the design community. Hence every article is reviewed and has to receive at least two positive reviews to get published.

We don’t accept any hidden advertisements on Smashing Magazine — a compromise is out of question.

Linux Concept is a professional and independent online publication. Neither our advertisers nor our partners are influencing our content or editing process. Exceptions are labeled as “Sponsored Articles”, which are written and edited in cooperation with our sponsors. These articles still go through our editorial review process, including technical reviews, before they get published. With sponsored articles, we obviously act in the best interest of our readers and protect their interests and trust from subjective, biased or skewed statements. Sponsored articles are mostly hands-on tutorials dedicated to specific applications and technologies, but will never be product reviews or press releases.

The rules listed below are crucial for all articles published here on Linux Concept. We work very hard to follow all of these rules as best we can; they explicitly guide our editing, writing and communication.

Publishing Policy & Rights

  • We don’t publish press releases or any other public relations (PR) content.
  • We don’t have any hidden advertisements. All advertisements are marked as such, including Sponsored Articles.
  • We don’t participate in any kind of affiliate marketing. There is one exception: we use Amazon Associate for our own products.
  • We don’t influence the opinions of our writers or contributors and do not prompt them to tailor their work to fit our personal interests, objectives or opinions.
  • We don’t participate in any kind of partner-linking system.
  • Links in our articles are not for sale. We never place links as favors to business partners or any third parties (except the “About us”-page).
  • We respect the rights of authors, designers, photographers and developers. We would never publish links to illegal sources that reproduce the work of others or that violate author rights if we are able to detect illegal sources or copyright infringement through a reasonable effort by double-checking material to be published.
  • All LinuxConcept’s editors, regular writers and guest authors get paid for their work.
  • We are happy to receive constructive criticism and suggestions from readers and friends; but we would never perform favors in return for them. Our recommendations are based on the expertise of its authors and are made in the best interests of its readers and the web design community.
  • Articles published on Linux Concept are also published in Smashing eBooks — but with author’s consent, of course. Authors are credited in all eBooks and in all translations of articles published on Linux Concept. They are an integral part of the articles.