UNIX/LINUX Command – mlabel


mlabel—Make an MS-DOS volume label


mlabel [ -v ] drive: [ new_label ]


mlabel displays the current volume label, if present. If new_label is not given, and if neither the c nor the s options are set, it prompts the user for a new volume label. To delete an existing volume label, press return at the prompt.

mlabel supports the following command-line option:

v       Verbose mode. Display the new volume label if the label supplied is invalid.
c       Clears an existing label, without prompting the user.
s        Shows the existing label, without prompting the user.

Reasonable care is taken to create a valid MS-DOS volume label. If an invalid label is specified, mlabel will change the label (and display the new label if the verbose mode is set).
Mlabel returns 0 on success or 1 on failure.

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