md5sum—Generate/check MD5 message digests

md5sum [–bv][–c [ file ]]
md5sum file …

md5sum generates and checks MD5 message digests, as described in RFC-1321. The message digest produced can be thought of as a 128-bit “signature” of the input file. Typically, md5sum is used to verify the integrity of files made available for distribution via anonymous FTP (for example, announcements for new versions of irc(1) usually contain MD5 signatures).
Message digests for a tree of files can be generated with a command similar to the following:

find . -type f -print | xargs md5sum

The output of this command is suitable as input for the –c option.


Options Description
–c [file] Check message digests. Input is taken from stdin or from the specified file. The input should be in the same format as the output generated by md5sum.
–v Verbose. Print filenames when checking.
–b Read files in binary mode; otherwise, end-of-file conventions will be ignored.

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