info—GNU’s hypertext system

info [ –option-name option-value ] enu-item…

The GNU project has a hypertext system called info that allows the same source file to be either printed as a paper manual, or viewed using info. It is possible to use the info program from inside Emacs, or to use the standalone version described here. This manual page gives a brief summary of its capabilities.


Option Description
–directory directory-path Add directory-path to the list of directory paths searched when info needs to find a file. You may issue –directory multiple times. Alternatively, you may specify a value for the environment variable INFOPATH; if –directory is not given, the value of INFOPATH is used. The value of INFOPATH is a colon-separated list of directory names. If you do not supply either INFOPATH or –directory-path, info uses a default path.
–f filename Specify a particular info file to visit. By default, info visits the file dir; if you use this option, info will start with (FILENAME)Top as the first file and node.
–n nodename Specify a particular node to visit in the initial file that info loads. This is especially useful in conjunction with –file. You may specify –node multiple times.
-o file Direct output to file instead of starting an interactive info session.
–h Produce a relatively brief description of the available info options.
–version Print the version information of info and exit.
menu-item info treats its remaining arguments as the names of menu items. The first argument is a menu item in the initial node visited, while the second argument is a menu item in the first argument’s node. You can easily move to the node of your choice by specifying the menu names that describe the path to that node. For example, info emacs buffers first selects the menu item emacs in the node (dir)Top, and then selects the menu item buffers in the node (emacs)Top.

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