Comparing policies – SELinux

July 06, 2021

Until now, we’ve analyzed a single policy set, finding the domain transitions and information flow paths. The commands and applications we’ve used all focus on this single-policy analysis. Another important analysis is to compare two policies. Policy developers can use this to compare a new policy with an old one, or to compare two system policies to see what additional rules have been added by the administrator.

Using sediff to compare policies

The sediff tool looks at the differences between two policy files and reports those to the user. It is often not sensible to use this against completely different policies, but is powerful for finding slight differences between policies, which can assist in troubleshooting issues across different systems.

A common use case for sediff is to validate that a source-built policy file is the same as the distribution-provided binary policy file. Administrators can then be certain that the source code they’ve used to build a policy file is the same as that used by the distribution, even when the binary files themselves (the policy.## file) have different checksums:

$ sediff policy.31 /sys/fs/selinux/policy
Policy Properties (0 Modified)
Classes (1 Added, 0 Removed, 4 Modified)
 Added Classes: 1
 + xdp_socket
 Modified Classes: 4
 * capability2 (1 Removed permissions)
 - compromise_kernel
 * process (1 Added permissions, 1 Removed permissions)
 + getrlimit

It is possible to direct sediff to only show differences for a specified area or part of the SELinux policy (such as the available types, roles, booleans, or type enforcement rules).

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