Building complete application policies – SELinux

July 07, 2021

We can build complete application policies with CIL as well. However, keep in mind that there are no interfaces or support macros out there that we can use to rapidly develop policies. Furthermore, there are no templates or suchlike available to jumpstart such initiatives.

But that shouldn’t stop us, and it will allow us to show a few more details of the CIL language. We will also see that the CIL language does support interface constructs (they are even recommended), but the community has not yet fully embraced it through a reference policy-like project.

Using namespaces

The CIL language supports namespaces, which allows for a higher flexibility in developing policies. The generated CIL policies always use the main, global namespace, so we will not find examples of namespaces in the generated policies.

We can, however, show how this works easily. Let’s create a skeleton file that will contain our CIL-developed pgpool policy…

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