AWS EC2 Computing Tutorial


Introduction: Briefly explain what AWS EC2 is and its significance in cloud computing.

Importance of EC2: Discuss how EC2 revolutionized the way organizations deploy and manage applications and services.

Target Audience: Identify who will benefit most from this tutorial (e.g., system administrators, developers).

What You’ll Learn

EC2 Basics: Understanding instances, AMIs, and pricing models.

Instance Management: How to launch, manage, and terminate instances.

Security: Configuring security groups and key pairs.

Storage and Databases: Integrating EC2 with EBS and RDS.

Scalability and Load Balancing: Implementing Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Using CloudWatch and other tools for monitoring and maintaining EC2 instances.


Chapter 1: Introduction to AWS and EC2

TopicsRead Time
Cloud Computing Basics
Introduction to AWS Services
Deep Dive into EC2
AWS EC2 Basic Topics

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your EC2 Environment

TopicsRead Time
Account Setup
Understanding the AWS Management Console
Choosing the Right EC2 Instance
Topics to Learn Setup EC2 Environment

Chapter 3: Launching and Managing EC2 Instances

TopicsRead Time
Launching Your First EC2 Instance
Connecting to Instances
Instance Management Best Practices
Topics to Learn Launching and Managing EC2 Instances

Chapter 4: Security and Network Configuration

TopicsRead Time
Security Groups and Network ACLs
Key Pair Management
VPC and Subnet Configuration
Topics to Learn Security and Network Configuration for EC2 instance

Chapter 5: Storage and Database Integration

TopicsRead Time
EBS Volume Types and Management
Integrating EC2 with RDS
Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies
Topics to Learn Storage and Database Integration for EC2 instance

Chapter 6: Scalability and High Availability

TopicsRead Time
Implementing Auto Scaling
Setting Up Elastic Load Balancers
Designing Fault-Tolerant Systems
Topics to Learn Scalability and High Availability for EC2 instance

Chapter 7: Monitoring, Optimization, and Maintenance

TopicsRead Time
Utilizing CloudWatch
Cost Optimization Techniques
Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Topics for EC2 instance’s Monitoring, Optimization, and Maintenance

Chapter 8: Advanced Topics and Best Practices

TopicsRead Time
EC2 Container Services
Lambda and Serverless Architecture
Industry Best Practices and Case Studies
Topics for EC2 instance’s advance uses

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is AWS EC2?

AWS EC2 (Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers.

Who should use AWS EC2?

What kind of applications can I run on AWS EC2?

How does billing work for AWS EC2?

What are EC2 instance types?

How do I start with AWS EC2?

What is an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)?

Can I scale my EC2 instances?

What is the difference between On-Demand Instances and Spot Instances?

How does AWS EC2 ensure the security of my instances?

What is Elastic Load Balancing in AWS EC2?

Can I host a database on AWS EC2?

What support options are available for AWS EC2?

How does AWS EC2 integrate with other AWS services?

What are Reserved Instances and how do they work?

How do I monitor my EC2 instances?

Is there a limit to the number of EC2 instances I can run?

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