AWS EBS Tutorial


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Block Store (EBS) is an essential component for cloud computing, offering persistent block storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how EBS provides highly available, highly durable storage that can be attached to EC2 instances and used as primary storage for databases, file systems, and other applications requiring consistent block-level storage.

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to AWS EBS: Understanding the basics of EBS and its role in AWS.

Types of EBS Volumes: Learn about different EBS volume types like SSD (gp2, io1) and HDD (st1, sc1) and when to use each.

Creating and Managing EBS Volumes: Step-by-step guides on creating, attaching, detaching, and deleting EBS volumes.

EBS Snapshots and Backups: How to create and manage snapshots for data backup and recovery.

Performance and Optimization: Best practices for maximizing the performance of your EBS volumes.

Security and Access Control: Implementing security measures and access control for your EBS volumes.

Cost Management: Understanding the pricing model and cost optimization strategies for EBS.

Real-world Scenarios and Case Studies: Applying EBS knowledge in practical, real-world situations.


Chapter 1: Introduction to AWS Elastic Block Store

TopicsRead Time
Understanding Block Storage
EBS in the AWS Ecosystem

Chapter 2: EBS Volume Types and Use Cases

TopicsRead Time
Comparing SSD and HDD Options
Selecting the Right Volume for Your Needs

Chapter 3: Working with EBS Volumes

TopicsRead Time
Creating and Configuring Volumes
Volume Attachment and Detachment
Volume Resizing and Performance Monitoring

Chapter 4: Data Protection and Snapshots

TopicsRead Time
Creating and Managing EBS Snapshots
Backup Strategies and Best Practices

Chapter 5: Performance Optimization

TopicsRead Time
Monitoring Tools and Techniques
Performance Tuning and Best Practices

Chapter 6: Security and Compliance

TopicsRead Time
Volume Encryption and Security Best Practices
IAM Roles and Policies for EBS

Chapter 7: Cost Management and Optimization

TopicsRead Time
Understanding EBS Pricing
Effective Cost Management Strategies

Chapter 8: Case Studies and Real-world Applications

TopicsRead Time
Deployment Scenarios
Problem-Solving with EBS

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