AWS DynamoDB Tutorial


Welcome to the AWS DynamoDB Tutorial, your comprehensive guide to mastering DynamoDB, Amazon Web Service’s fast and flexible NoSQL database service. This tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals alike, aiming to provide an in-depth understanding of DynamoDB’s features, architecture, and how it integrates seamlessly with other AWS services.

What You’ll Learn

Basics of DynamoDB: Get to grips with DynamoDB’s key concepts, data model, and core features.

DynamoDB Table Operations: Learn how to create, read, update, and delete data in DynamoDB tables.

Advanced Features: Dive into secondary indexes, streams, and best practices for data modeling.

Integration with AWS: Discover how DynamoDB interacts with other AWS services like Lambda, S3, and EC2.

Real-World Applications: Explore case studies and real-world scenarios where DynamoDB can be effectively used.

Performance and Optimization: Understand how to optimize DynamoDB for performance and cost-efficiency.

Security and Access Control: Learn about security best practices, including IAM roles and policies.


Chapter 1: Introduction to DynamoDB

TopicsRead Time
History and Evolution
DynamoDB vs. Traditional Databases

Chapter 2: DynamoDB Fundamentals

TopicsRead Time
Key Concepts: Tables, Items, and Attributes
Data Types and Primary Keys

Chapter 3: Working with Data

TopicsRead Time
CRUD Operations
Batch Operations

Chapter 4: Advanced Data Modeling

TopicsRead Time
Secondary Indexes: LSI and GSI
Data Modeling Patterns and Best Practices

Chapter 5: DynamoDB and AWS Ecosystem

TopicsRead Time
Integration with AWS Lambda and API Gateway
Use Cases with S3 and EC2

Chapter 6: Performance Tuning and Optimization

TopicsRead Time
Read/Write Capacity Modes
Performance Metrics and Monitoring

Chapter 7: Security and Compliance

TopicsRead Time
IAM Roles and Policies
Encryption and Compliance Standards

Chapter 8: Case Studies and Real-World Applications

TopicsRead Time
E-commerce Platforms
Gaming and Mobile Applications

Chapter 9: Conclusion and Further Resources

TopicsRead Time
Recap and Key Takeaways
Further Reading and Learning Resources

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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