Applying custom XSM policies – SELinux

July 03, 2021

Xen also allows administrators to build and use their own, custom policy.

The default policy for Xen is available inside the tools/flask/policy directory within the Xen build directory. For instance, the policy rules for the dom0 guest are available inside modules/dom0.te.

Building a custom policy is a matter of updating these files (make a backup before you do) and then rebuilding the policy itself:

$ make

The result of the policy build is a new xenpolicy-4.13.1 file. This file can be loaded directly using the xl loadpolicy command:

# xl loadpolicy /path/to/xenpolicy-4.13.1

This command is similar to the flask-loadpolicy command:

# flask-loadpolicy /path/to/xenpolicy-4.13.1

If, after testing, the policy is deemed ready to be used continuously, copy it over to /boot so that it is automatically picked up at the next boot as well.

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