How to remove special ‘M-BM-‘ character with sed

The special character ‘M-BM-‘ is often caused by a character encoding issue, such as when a file is saved with an encoding that is different from the one being used by the current terminal or editor.

You can use the sed command to remove the ‘M-BM-‘ character from a file. Here’s an example command:

sed -i 's/M-BM-//g' file.txt

In this command:

  • sed is the command to perform text transformations
  • -i flag is used to edit the file in place
  • s is the substitution command in sed
  • M-BM- is the string to be replaced
  • // is used to replace the string with nothing, effectively removing it
  • g is the global flag to perform the replacement globally (i.e., for all occurrences in the file)
  • file.txt is the name of the file to be edited

Note that the string 'M-BM-' should be entered as a single character, which can be achieved by typing Ctrl-V and then Ctrl-Shift-U followed by the Unicode code point for the character, which is 00A0.

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