How do I search for available packages from the command-line?

To search for available packages from the command-line, you can use package managers specific to your operating system or programming language. I’ll provide examples for some common package managers:

Debian/Ubuntu (apt):

sudo apt update
apt search <package_name>

CentOS/RHEL/Fedora (dnf):

sudo dnf search <package_name>

Arch Linux (pacman):

pacman -Ss <package_name>

macOS (Homebrew):

brew search <package_name>

Python (pip):

pip search <package_name>

Node.js (npm):

npm search <package_name>

Replace <package_name> with the name or a keyword related to the package you’re looking for. Note that in some cases, the search command may return a large number of results. To narrow down the results, you can use grep or other command-line tools to filter the output:

apt search <package_name> | grep -i <specific_keyword>

Replace <specific_keyword> with a keyword that can help you find the desired package more easily.

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