Friday, January 15, 2021

Linux Services

LinuxConcept published multiple articles every day to help people for day-to-day tasks on Linux Administration, and we are also assisting the people to do their work very well to reduce their administration work time.

You can understand like; we provide administration services for others. So they can do their work with full focus, and we will dirty our hand with technical, administrative work on Linux Operating system with the complex and critical architecture of application on Linux platform.

We are always open to take challenges on any work which are related to Linux and Open Source technologies. We always appreciate people to use Open Source tools and resource to make life easier or you can automate a lot of thing in your organization.

We are always open to help you if you need any help on Linux Administration or implementation of any Open Source tools or resources in your life or organization.

Nowadays we are providing our Managed Linux Services to multiple organization to help them in terms of organization growth. We are also providing 24/7 technical support to numerous organization with the help of our qualified team.

Here we mentioned our Managed Linux services below; you can contact us any time for inquiry on service and terms.

Our Linux Services

Linux Installation

  • RedHat Linux Installation [Version 6 and 7]
  • CentOS Linux Installation [Version 6 and 7]
  • Fedora Linux Installation [Version 27, 28, and 29]
  • Debian Linux Installation [Version 7, 8, and 9]
  • Ubuntu Linux Installation [Version 16.04, 17.04, and 18.04]
  • OpenSUSE Linux Installation [Version 11 and 12]

Web Servers

  • LAMP Installation (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP)
  • LEMP Installation (Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP)
  • LLMP Installation (Linux, Lighttd, MySQL/MariaDB and PHP)
  • Website hosting on Linux, with Optimization and Customization
  • Apache configuration with different Modules like CGI, PHP, Python, Perl
  • Creating and configuring SSL certificates for Apache and Nginx
  • Web server Security Optimization and Performance Tuning


  • MySQL/MariaDB Database Installation and Configuration
  • Database Migration
  • Database Automatic Backup Configuration
  • Database Server Replication
  • Database Importing/Exporting
  • Database Server’s Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement

Linux and Network Monitoring Server

  • Nagios Monitoring Server Installation and Configuration
  • Zabbix Monitoring Server Installation and Configuration
  • Cacti Monitoring Server Installation and Configuration
  • OpenNMS Monitoring Server Installation and Configuration
  • Icinga Monitoring Server Installation and Configuration

Linux Security

  • RedHat Linux Hardening
  • Ubuntu Linux Hardening
  • Linux Firewall Integration
  • Linux Kernel/OS/Package Patch updates
  • Any Linux System Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning

Mail Server

  • Postfix Installation and Configuration
  • Exim Installation and Configuration
  • Sendmail Installation and Configuration
  • Qmail Installation and Configuration
  • iRedMail Installation and Configuration
  • PowerMTA Installation and Configuration
  • Setting Up DKIM, SPF, and MX records for Domain
  • Installation and configuration web mail application Roundcube/Squirrelmail

You are just a one step ahead from premium Linux services.