Friday, October 30, 2020
strings - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – strings

NAMEstrings—Print the strings of printable characters in files SYNOPSISstrings |–radix= o,x,d ] file DESCRIPTIONFor each file given,...
paste - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – paste

NAMEpaste—Merge lines of files SYNOPSISpaste DESCRIPTIONThis manual page documents the GNU version of paste. paste prints lines...
etags - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – etags

NAMEetags—Generate tag file for emacsctags—Generate tag file for vi SYNOPSISetags file … ctags ...
rwall - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – rwall

NAMErwall—Send a message to users logged on a host SYNOPSISrwall host DESCRIPTIONThe rwall command sends a message to the users logged in to the specified host. The...
lsattr - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – lsattr

NAMElsattr—List file attributes on a Linux second extended filesystem SYNOPSISlsattr DESCRIPTIONlsattr lists the files attributes on an second extended filesystem.
fuser - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – fuser

NAMEfuser—Identify processes using files SYNOPSISfuser filename … filename …fuser DESCRIPTIONfuser displays the PIDs of processes using the...
mknod - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – mknod

NAMEmknod—Make special files SYNOPSISmknod  filename {bcu} major minormknod  filename p Options: DESCRIPTIONThis manual page documents the GNU version...
LinuxConcept - unshar

UNIX/LINUX Command – unshar

NAMEunshar—Unpack a shar file SYNOPSISunshar DESCRIPTIONunshar scans mail messages looking for the start of a shell archive. It then passes the archive through...
rpcgen - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – rpcgen

NAMErpcgen—An RPC protocol compiler SYNOPSISrpcgen infilerpcgen ]  infilerpcgen -c|-h|-l|-m|-t  infilerpcgen  -s nettype  infilerpcgen -n netid  infile DESCRIPTIONrpcgen is a tool that generates C code to implement an RPC...
hexdump - Linux Command

UNIX/LINUX Command – hexdump

NAMEhexdump—ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump SYNOPSIShexdump  DESCRIPTIONThe hexdump utility is a filter that displays the specified files,...